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  1. David Shontell says:

    Nice work your doing on your property. I have picked up a much smaller property in N. Georgia and have plans to make it into a homestead. I like your information and description of the things you are working on.

  2. boxerbob says:

    Our goal is to become self sufficient. We have not got our solar hooked up yet. We have some fruit trees, chickens, rabbits, a big garden, outdoor cookhouse, etc. We are not anti government, but most definitely are anti tyranny! (I belong to the Constitution Party.) Not a day goes by that I am not devising a plan to save our country. Happy gardening!

  3. Fred Whitmore says:

    Welcome to Madison Good Luck on the long term. Thought you were somebody else when I found your blog. I’ve been at this since 1978. I’m getting old.

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