I was born near the town of Somerset.  Learned to apreciate nature while hunting and fishing in the hills of rural Kentucky before moving to central Florida as a teen.

Blessed with a wife, 3 strong boys and a beautiful girl.

I first heard the term permaculture on a Jack Spirko podcast and have studied the subject non stop from that day.  I purchased 40 acres of woods in north Florida and I am slowly building a sustainable homestead for the day I am finished with my current job at a large corporation.

My personal philosophy is SEP

  • Sustainable:  People, plants, animals, birds, fish, insects and micro organisms work together in a perfect self sustaining system. We work with these systems to keep our lives and planet in balance. Things we harvest from the system can be returned in a form that feeds the system.
  • Environmental:  Earth is our home. It is a closed system that we all must rely on for our survival. Air and water continually move through natural systems and cannot leave our control contaminated.
  • People:  Sovereign individuals with the right and responsibility for decisions concerning our lives, our property and the welfare of our dependents.  Our property, labor, skills and wisdom provide for our needs and that of our dependents. We show grace and compassion for those in need and will defend ourselves, our dependents, our property and our community from aggression.