Key West Chickens

Key West RoosterKey West Chickens

Florida is an amazing state and one of my favorite places is the Florida Keys.  Fishing, snorkeling, boating and a cold drink or two can be found along the highway from Largo to Key West.

When you get to Key West you will be greeted by the local chickens.   Key West is the home of a large population of feral chickens.  They crow at all hours of the day and night and they strut up and down the streets like they own them.  Loved by most and hated by some,  they don’t get any special protections in the Keys but residents cannot shoot them, and cruelty laws are enforced.

Key West ChickensOn a trip in November, I ran into these fine specimens on the front sidewalk of a local store.  They greeted all the shoppers as they passed and searched the area for something to eat.

I could use a few of these on the farm.  These chickens know how to take care of themselves.  They put themselves to bed and can deal with local predators.  If they eat bugs, put out a few eggs and do not require any special care, I consider these a great farm chicken.  Even if they look to be a bit tough on the dinner plate.


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