Eastern Fence Lizard

fence lizard maleOne of my favorite residents of the 40 acre woods is the Fence Lizard.  They are always working to keep the bugs under control and they are very entertaining to watch as they chase each other about fighting for the best logs to sun themselves on.

Fence Lizard sexes are colored differently.  Females are darker than males and their gray-brown backs are marked with about eight dark-colored, irregular, transverse bars.  The transverse bars on males are red brown, and males also have two large, bright blue belly patches.

The picture on the right is a male and the picture below is a female, both were on my wood pile at the 40 acre woods.

fence lizard female

Often seen basking in a sunny spot, adult males are highly territorial, and defend their areas with head bobs and push-up threat displays.  Adults grow to 4 to 7 inches long and breeding season is April to August.

Fence Lizards feed on a diet of Beetles, ants, grasshoppers, stink bugs and spiders.  I wish I had more of these great lizards living in my garden and on my fruit trees.

Everybody has a job at the 40 acre woods.

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