Pindo Palm

Pindo Palm TreePindo Palm trees originated in Argentina and grow well in Florida, Zones 7-10.  They are a very hardy  palm that will grow in almost any soil type.  The large palm trunk forms slowly and is topped by a massive circle of leaves that vary in color from deep green to shiny silver.  The Pindo Palm Trees’ graceful form and arching blue-green fronds make it excellent landscaping.  You do not have to go far in Florida to see a Pindo Palm growing in yards or public spaces.

In summertime I go looking for the beautiful yellow fruit of the Pindo Palm.  These large clusters of round yellow fruit are easy to spot and usually easy to pick due to the low growing habits of the Pindo Palm tree.  Pick the fruit when they are starting to get a little soft and are falling off the cluster.  Pindo Palm fruit taste like an apple with a pineapple finish to me.  A wonderful tasting fruit that usually goes to waste because most people do not know they are edible.  There is a large fibrous seed in the middle to work around, but the great tasting fruit is worth the effort.Pindo Palm Fruit

The Pindo Palm is sometimes called the Jelly Palm.  The fruit has a natural pectin that will make a great jelly when properly prepared.

I plan to save the seeds from my Pindo Palm fruit this year to plant at the 40 acre woods.  Get out and look for this overlooked treat while they are hanging in the trees this summer.   I found this one at the entrance to my subdivision in Lakeland.

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