Hexagarden July Update

Hexagarden JulyThe Hexagarden is enjoying the wet summer in North Florida.  The sweet corn and sunflowers are growing tall while the herbs and vines grow below.

The Hexagarden is six raised beds arranged in a circle. I can work from the inside and the outside to easily reach all the plants.  The inside of the circle is a safe place for the vines to run down off the bed without the rabbits being able to get in.  I also have a few roses in there to attract the bees.

inside hexagardenSome of the small sunflower plants were attacked by pest while they were small, but it appears the local insect predators stepped up and took care of them for me.  By the time I found the damage, they were long gone. nothing else was touched and the garden is looking better every day.

Spaghetti SquashThis young spaghetti squash is enjoying the cool shade under the large squash and watermelon leaves.  Purple basil is peaking through the openings in the leaves to catch the sun.

The layered polyculture of this garden does not give the weeds any space to grow.  I am looking forward to trying new things in this garden in the fall, but for now I am going to enjoy the harvest.

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