6 Point Buck

There are 30 subspecies of white-tailed deer, of which three are found in Florida: the Florida coastal white-tailed deer (O. v. osceola) , which occurs primarily in the Florida panhandle; the Florida white-tailed deer ( O. v. seminolus ) which occurs in peninsular Florida; and the Florida Key deer, with a distribution limited to Big Pine Key in the southern Florida keys.

6 pointHere at the 40 acre woods we get a mix of the Florida and Florida Coastal deer.  I can’t tell them apart and I am not sure they know the difference either.  This fine small buck seems to be enjoying the corn I provided.  Next year I plan to get it back.

We’ll just name this one “Back Strap”

Here is a video    6 point Buck

That’s the way we run things here in the 40 acre woods.

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