Loquats are one of my favorite trees.  They can be found all over the south, generally used as a decorative tree due to its shiny green leaves that stay on all winter. In fact, the loquat produces fruit here in central Florida in the dead of winter.

Many people do not know they are edible and let them go to waste.  I can easily find fruit on the side of the road and public parks that can be picked.  The picture above is from the tree in my yard in February.

The fruit is sweet, with a bit of a fuzzy yellow skin similar to a peach on the outside. Inside you will find a milky color flesh surrounding 1 to 3 large seeds.

Loquats are easily grown from seeds and can take most southern winters without any problems.

I eat as many as possible fresh from the tree as they ripen and then dehydrate a batch for future months.


Loquats cut in half with the seeds removed, then dehydrated make a super sweet addition to my morning oatmeal and a tasty snack.

I am saving lots of seeds and planting them in many locations in the 40 acre woods.  I must plant a lot of them, the deer seem to like them as much as I do.

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