Raised Bed Update

A few months ago I built a raised garden bed and wrote a post on how it was constructed.  I wanted to update you on the progress of this project.  I did not expect to get any yield from this bed until the wood and leaves started to break down in the Fall, but I planted a cover crop to keep the soil protected until I was ready to plant my Fall garden.

I am having trouble with the cover crop of flowers, tomatoes, ground cherries, basil, lettuce, calendula, radishes, peppers, carrots and assorted herbs.  I am pulling handfuls of food out every day and I keep finding more.  Getting hard to find a space to plant seeds for the Fall crop.

I have not watered, fertilized or sprayed any chemicals on this bed.  I had a few bugs issues in the beginning, but the strong healthy plants in this polyculture overcame them.  Can’t wait to see what happens when it really gets going.

That’s the way we garden at the 40 acre woods.

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