Garden Transition

The garden transition from one season to another is much more beautiful in a permaculture system. I do not till, I do not pull out all the plants. I just scratch out open areas in the bed and throw out some new seed for the next season.

I do not plant in rows, seeds are spread all around the garden and nature sorts out the best place for each plant. I end up with a strong healthy garden filled with the diversity found in natural systems. Disease and pest issues are minimized in diverse systems. Natural pest predators have safe places to live free from pesticides.

In the small garden pictured on the side of my house, you can see the mix of lettuce, onions, cilantro, beans and calendula that are left over and allowed to go to seed. In the open spaces around these I have planted a mix of tomatoes, peppers, carrots, squash, basil and the many seeds falling from the flowering plants in the garden. Most of the plants from this past garden were volunteers from previous seasons.

As the little plants start emerging I will start laying down a fresh layer of mulch to keep them happy and healthy.

Mix up your garden, the colorful mix of flowers and vegetables will put a healthy smile on you and the neighbors might compliment you on your “flower garden”.

Below is how the garden looked in the winter with varieties of lettuce and spinach. I am always harvesting and planting in this small space.

You will always find a garden at the 40 acre woods, but it may not look like one.


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  1. Boone says:

    I see one of your rubber snakes in the back. I still need to get a few.

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