Setting up a Campsite – Well Water

Water is a critical element we cannot do without.  The 40 acre woods is high and dry and we needed a water source quickly to be able to spend time in our camp comfortably.

I started out by contacting well drillers that have businesses locations near my property.  Most of these were plumbers that also advertised well drilling.  I wanted to know if they had ever drilled a well in my immediate area and what their price was for the complete installation of a well.

I took notes and asked detailed questions about the water quality they found and the depth they needed to go to get the best water.  Getting consistent answers from two local companies that had experience drilling wells near my location gave me the information I needed to make an informed decision.

I found that in my area the best water was located 100′ down, right below a thick layer of limestone.  Both local companies quoted $3,700 for the complete installation;

– drilling the hole 100′ deep
– pipe casing
– pump
– holding tank
– labor to complete hook up

I planned to do all the water lines and spigots from the tank to the campsite myself.

I enjoyed working with a colorful character named Carlton Burnette, he had extensive experience drilling wells in the area and was filled with stories that kept me entertained.

I rented a trencher and dug out a path from the well into my campsite.  Using a design I have seen in campgrounds, I used 1″ PVC water lines and placed spigots on post in the campsite to allow easy hook up.

The sandy soil of the 40 acre woods made digging trenches easy.  I tried to avoid as many trees as possible to limit the amount of roots I had to dig through.

Once completed we ran the water for many hours to help flush out the rock dust from pounding a hole through the limestone.

We now have clean cool water at the 40 acre woods.

Dealing with local businesses that have experience drilling wells in your area will help you avoid paying too much for a well that is too deep or running out of water from a well that is too shallow.

The water was exactly where Carlton said it would be, and the quality is great.

Another project completed at the 40 acre woods.

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