Red Touches Yellow

Red touches yellow, it can kill a fellow. Red touches black, throw him back.

These words were running through my mind when I walked up on this Eastern Coral Snake (Micrurus fulvius).  Those words and the thought of how fast I can climb one of the pine trees to get away from that thing!

The Eastern Coral Snake is a extremely venomous a relative of the Cobra and Mamba.  The snakes venom is neuro-toxic, attacking the central nervous system.  Fortunately this beautiful snake is not aggressive and just wants to be left alone.

Coral snakes are quite common in Florida, but rarely seen.  They feed mostly at night on lizards, frogs and other snakes.  Most of their time is spent concealed under brush or underground.

I found this huge Coral Snake last April in the 40 acre woods.  It was the largest one I have ever seen, and I will be happy if I never see another one.

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