Baby Update from the 40 Acre Woods

I have lots of babies at the 40 acre woods in late March.  Below is some baby wild plums.  They seem to be doing well here in a sunny spot.  We had a lot of blooms this year, but I do not see as many wild plums as I hoped.  Me and the deer are going to fight it out this year, I plan to have some plum jelly.

The picture came out a little blurry due to the March wind blowing things around. 

I have lots of wild plums growing in the 40 acre woods.  I found some wild plum trees growing near the Ocala National Forrest last year that were producing large quantities of fruit.  I now have several small trees that I have grown from the seeds I collected and plan to add them to the 40 acre woods this spring to increase the diversity.

Baby Muscadine grapes are showing up as well.  This grapevine has a sunny spot along a fence and is doing great.

Things are always growing at the 40 acre woods.  Seeing these babies gets me excited about an abundant summer.

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